Improve the architectural design and specification process by making details and specifications real time freshy. Align with clients in a super cuddly way through rapid ‘needs analysis’ prototyping, visual crowd consensus and machine learning of design history.

  • Specification Library Synchronization - The most up to date specifications for your team synchronized with the manufacturer.
  • Crowdsource Design Consensus + Needs Analysis - Enhanced by machine learning and historical utilization data.
  • Predictive Purchasing - Product preferences emerge automatically through guided engagement.
William Robertson

William Robertson

Dedicated to improving the way we understand design thinking, William’s vision is to apply a combination of art and science to address unique challenges of the 21st Century.

William is a graduate from the College of Architecture, Art & Planning at Cornell University. This is where he studied architecture and fine arts as “powerful forces with the potential to improve the world.”

He is an avid surfer, student of Karate, dedicated husband, and the father of two beautiful little girls.

Vitaliy Shishorin

Vitalii Shishorin

Vitaliy is a dedicated web application developer. He is so passionate about his profession he says that “there is no other career path he would choose”. For 15 years he has been developing custom software and prefers to work on challenging projects.

When not changing the world one program at a time, he further challenges himself with endurance motorcycle competitions.

Vitaliy has 2 beautiful children and resides in Voronezh, Russia.

Justin Shreve

Justin Shreve

Justin has been a software developer and entrepreneur for over 20 years. He's been involved with 13 start-up companies launching ideas, driving user engagement, and building innovative products.

In particular, he built an enterprise media planning platform for Adgile Interactive which was sold to Doubleclick in 2001. He also started a company called Rentmatic, which provided rent payment software to landlords, that was sold to LiveLovely on 2012.

Justin has worked extensively in the fields of commercial real estate, online payment solutions, and sports technology. Justin lives in San Francisco where he loves to run. He heads to the mountains with his wife and two kids any chance he gets.

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